International Students

International Students

Academic Entry Requirements

North Melbourne Grammar College (NMGC) has academic entry requirements. These are mapped out in the VCEDOC30001 NMGC Enrolment Handbook.

Coming to Australia with Children

If an international student is coming to Australia with children:

– Please note that in Australia it is Law that all school aged children go to school.

– It may be possible that any dependent children will be charged School Fees by a relevant Education Provider while they are living in Australia.

ESOS Standards

The College must comply with the ESOS Framework (for engagement with International Students). For further information on the ESOS Framework and living in Australia as an International Student please click on the link below: ESOS Framework Factsheet.

Living in Australia

Our Business Development Officers (BDOs) can provide you with more information on living options in Australia.

English Language Requirements

NMGC has English Language requirements for all students. In the case of international students, we would prefer students were at an overall IELTS equivalent of around 5.0. Our minimum requirement in 4.5. More information on our English Language Requirements can be found at VCEDOC30001 NMGC Enrolment Handbook.