Policies and Procedures

Anyone seeking general information about the intent of North Melbourne Grammar College’s policies and procedures may refer to the relevant sections on the website or download a copy of the relevant student handbook. Alternatively, parents can request hardcopies of the policies and procedures from the College. Parents are more than welcome to telephone the College for further information or clarification on any issues.

NMGC has Policies and associated Procedures on many things including:

VCEPP303 Enrolment Policy and Procedure
VCEPP304 Refund Policy and Procedure
VCEPP306 Overseas Student Support Services Policies and Procedure
VCEPP307 Student Transfer between registered providers Policy and Procedure
VCEPP310 Academic Progress Policy and Procedure
VCEPP317 Overseas Student Orientation Policy and Procedure
VCEPP321 Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation Policy and Procedure
VCEPP323 Student Engagement prior to Enrolment Policy and Procedure
VCEPP324 Student Fees and Charges Policy and Procedure
VCEPP405 Learning Support Policy and procedure
VCEPP410 Subject Selection Policy and procedure
VCEPP503 Student Accommodation, Guardianship and Welfare
Arrangements Policy and Procedure
VCEPP510 Student Welfare Policy and Procedure

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